‘Drug Safe Hudson’ began with the intention to bring awareness and offer support to those affected by substance abuse in the city of Hudson, OH. After a few years of organizing support groups, accepting calls from individuals looking for resources, and managing the website, they reached out to relink.org for support. 

relink.org is an online portal filled with thousands of resources that Ohioans can access in just a few clicks. Within seconds, providers in your zip code or county can be found for just about any topic… addiction recovery, food pantries, homeless shelters, human trafficking safe houses and counseling, mental health support, and so much more. With our access to so much information, it became clear to Drug Safe Hudson that a collaboration with their close access to the community and recognizable name, with relink.org’s reach across the state and access to providers was a great match. 

Our close partnership with Hope Over Heroin allows for the Drug Safe Hudson Hotline to still connect to the 24-hour Hope Over Heroin helpline, and our Statewide Coordinator, Sarah Capri, will now monitoring and updating the DSH website and social media as needed. 

Reach out to us at info@relink.org or call 216.762.0591 for more information on how we can expand upon your community’s own drug prevention or crisis support organizations!