In seeking professional help for an addiction, a person has several options for the type of treatment they can receive. One such way is therapy, which focuses on helping a person practice introspection and healthy coping skills. Many addiction treatment centers offer their patients different kinds of therapy from individual to group therapy. Now the newest addition is art therapy. These forms of therapy are often used in combination to provide the person with multiple venues of expression and healing.

The goal of art therapy is for a person to use their creativity to express themselves in a healthy way. Some of the most common types of art therapy are:
Art therapy provides an opportunity to explore, understand, and resolve issues in a person’s life that they may not feel comfortable talking about in conversation.

In addition to other recovery services, such as individual counseling, for example. Art therapy can be a powerful way to promote the healing process, it complements these services by providing a break from the direct, intensive work of talk therapy and allows the subconscious to express itself creatively.

Including art therapy in a comprehensive recovery program address the whole person fostering a more holistic approach to recovery.