Ray Dalton has a long history of starting and developing successful technology-based companies in the health care sector. Backed by a strong commitment to his faith and a belief in giving back, Dalton has used the profits from his businesses to benefit both the local community and the international health community.

To manage these efforts, Dalton formed The Dalton Foundation in 1999 to provide financial support and strategic planning services to organizations working in:

  •   Health care, both locally and around the world
  •   Addiction recovery
  •   Re-entry from incarceration 
  •   Women and children support
  •   Human trafficking

In the past 19 months, Dalton has used foundation resources to launch two programs that leverage technology to improve access to and quality of health care services around the world. Web portals reLink Global Health and reLink.org support organizations that are meeting the medical needs of vulnerable people who have very little means, if any, to obtain necessary care, medicines or treatment. Both are having an incredible impact in Ohio and in Haiti.

relink.org functions as a fast and free searchable portal that connects patients struggling with addiction with local health care providers. This solution facilitates a search in as few as three clicks or three seconds — critical locally, in particular where the opioid epidemic has reached crisis numbers. To date, the relink.org platform lists over 7,000 Ohio providers representing approximately 35,000 unique services; in the past six months, re-entry and human trafficking resources have been added to help those in such circumstances reintegrate successfully into the community.

In late 2017, the technology behind relink.org was adapted to map the health care landscape in Haiti. The project, relinkglobalhealth.org, was launched as an online database of health care providers throughout Haiti, including locations of key diagnostic medical equipment and capacity data on organizations. To create collaboration and connectivity, The Dalton Foundation formed the Haiti Health Network and has funded health care conferences for Haitian health care professionals. After analyzing the data and working with key leaders in the northern part of Haiti, The Dalton Foundation also developed the comprehensive Medical Equipment Modernization and Standardization program to provide medical equipment to facilities throughout the region.

In addition to these large programs, The Dalton Foundation funds organizations in Ohio that are working to provide free health care, working with those struggling with addiction and helping young women escape human trafficking. Dalton’s commitment to giving back both locally and internationally is fueled by his passion to serve and to promote sustainability in the not-for-profit world.

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