While, at it’s core, relink.org is a user-friendly, online portal of resources, there are often occasions when our statewide coordinator, Sarah, works with our users directly. Individuals that are having trouble finding a starting point, are overwhelmed by all of the options or need help navigating the website, are welcome to give our office and Sarah will guide them take their circumstances into consideration and find them the helo they need. 

Throughout the last month, Sarah has had some wonderful phone calls with people who just needed some extra guidance. Here are their stories… 

*For privacy, names have been left out. 

One story that was particularly memorable comes after a single father in Greene County gave us a call last month. He needed to find an affordable, or preferably free, health clinic for him and his children. He explained that reaching out for help was often looked down upon in his family, but he had no where else to turn. relink.org provided him and his children with multiple options for health care in the area and gave him a sense of confidence while caring for his children. 

Recently a concerned mother of a 20 year old daughter called to find addcition resources. Her daughter, who was once vibrant and full of life, has dimmed her light and fallen into the trap of addiction. Without knowing her way around this disease, she reached out to relink.org to find addcition services, counseling and many more resources in Lucas County. Within minutes we were able to provide her with the foundation of options to get her daughter started on the road to recovery. 

After months of being sure he could handle this battle on his own, a Franklin County resident reached out to relink.org to find AA meetings, counseling options and sober living homes in his area. As an alcoholic, this young man was incredibly strong and we applaud his willingness to seek help on his own. relink.org has dozens of options for addiction recovery in Franklin county, so this task was simple. All it takes is a phone call to relink.org or a quick search on our website to get started on the road to a new life. 

This month we had the opportunity to support a family who had just moved to the Dayton area from California. They were in need of help to feed their three young children and get on their feet in their new home by finding affordable or no-cost furniture near them. Within minutes, our Statewide Coordinator found them a local food pantry and a furniture bank to get the family started off on the right foot in their new home.