With overdose and mental illness deaths at a high in 2020 due to the health emergencies, isolation and financial distress that came with the pandemic, this is a great tine ti remind everyone about the Crisis Text Line. This 24/7 text line will give you direct access to a trained, volunteer crisis counselor to help you move past a moment of panic or despair.

While social media can often be a source of anxiety or the cause for various mental health issues, especially in teens and young adults, it can also be a great place to share information. The video to the right is a wonderful example of the way social media can reach people in their time of need and provide them with immediate help.

This quick video demonstrating how one may use the Crisis Text Line in a time of need, has millions of views across the social platform, and has surely reached people that have used it to their advantage. 

relink.org has been a continued supporter of the work that Crisis Text Line does to ensure individuals never feel like there is nowhere to turn. If you or a loved one are exhibiting signs of mental illness that needs to be addressed, do not wait until it is too late. There are hundreds of organizations, many of which are on relink.org, that are available to support you and/or direct you to the right form of help.